Empowering Teachers with Data

GoLearn is an AI intervention and assessment platform guaranteed to help improve the English literacy and learning outcomes of students. 

Pioneering EdTech

Our safe and secure platform produces real-time comprehensive student data to identify learning gaps, instantly create personalised learning plans for each student and reduce teacher workload.

Aligned with leading research

GoLearn is the only EdTech platform aligned with the key teaching and learning outcomes of the world’s leading bodies, organisations and exam boards such as UNESCO, World Bank, EEF, DfE, AQA and more.

Made by Teachers, for Teachers

All GoLearn’s interventions and assessments are classroom and remote learning ready and have been developed in the UK by experienced teachers, examiners and literacy experts.

Key Features

Evidenced Pedagogical Model

Our platform is underpinned by our unique model utilising pedagogies such as Constructivism, Feedback, Metacognition and Self-regulated learning.

Skills-Based Learning

Our learning technology provides teachers with granular data mapped to literacy outcomes, skills and sub-skills to easily target learning gaps in real-time.

Fully Mapped Curriculum

GoLearn provides fully mapped and ready-to-teach Schemes of Work, complete with customised lesson plans, teacher’s instructions and dynamic lesson content.


Continuous Assessments

Our platform uses AI to seamlessly conduct Continuous Embedded Assessments to support positive interventions and  better outcomes.

What schools say about our platform…

"The clear gap in data identified by GoLearn highlighted whole Year 5 concerns with inference and evaluation."

Ms Mariam Yassin, Lead Teacher, Stanhope Primary, UK

"Through GoLearn's diagnostic data it provided the following: reduced teacher workload, effective use of teaching assistant and ownership of student learning which had a dramatic positive impact on their behaviour."

Mr Paul Doyle, Deputy Head, Ellen Wilkinson School UK

"It is imperative that we have specific data that allows us to plan the necessary interventions. GoLearn provides this by its AI diagnostic platform which has already helped us identify how we will raise our standards quickly and effectively."

Ms Aisha Nasim, Head Teacher, Al-Maktoum School, Dubai

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