Empowering Children Through Literacy

GoLearn is an English Literacy and e-Learning platform that empowers children with the literacy skills necessary to read, write, understand and communicate their way to better wellbeing.

How it Works

GoLearn doesn’t replace teachers with technology

It gives them a whole new set of tools to empower each and every student and help improve their attainment, confidence, wellbeing and opportunities both in school and post-education.

GoLearn is working with schools around the world to help teachers deliver a world-class, personalised education to every student in their care.

Our platform easily integrates with existing systems and uses advanced Artificial Intelligence to provide teachers with detailed analytics and customised learning schemes, based on every child’s literacy and learning needs.

We’re Facing a Global Learning Crisis

There is a global shortage of qualified English teachers with a growing demand for English and ever-increasing class sizes, resulting in UNESCO declaring a “Global Learning Crisis”.


Built by Teachers, for Teachers

Schools that use GoLearn benefit from instant access to granular data via our seamless assessments. 

Fully mapped and personalised lessons help reduce the teacher’s workload, positively impact pupil behaviour and empower both teacher and learner.

Eliminating the responsibility of collecting data from the teachers makes it easier to quickly and successfully intervene and target gaps in learning. It also helps schools self evaluate and improve by specifically targeting gaps that could prevent students from accelerating their learning outcomes and attainment.

Unique Features

  • Focuses on literacy and language

  • Uses data to understand all four skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing)

  • Uses data to determine ‘Deep Learning’

  • Provides granular data for teachers to highlight gaps that could be targeted for students’ accelerated learning

  • All lessons mapped to national and international curriculum

  • Embedded assessments for stress free learning


Our Pedagogical Approach

We have implemented a unique and powerful system using key pedagogies to not only offer a pioneering teaching and learning tool but to actively encourage deep learning to take place for each and every student.

Higher Order Thinking Skills

Utilises Constructivism

Advanced Neuroscience


Promotes Self-Regulation and Feedback

Unique AI Machine Learning 

Working & Aligned With

GoLearn Launches Literacy Trials & Assessments in Foremost India School

We’re proud to announce that St Paul’s School in Gorakhpur, India, will be the first school globally to ‘go-live’ with our solution. GoLearn has partnered with CEL PVT Ltd. and Clara EdTech to aid in the distribution of our product – two inspiring organisations, who share our vision of empowering young learners. With their help, we have set up St Paul’s as our first laboratory school and have subsequently commenced trials and assessments of our revolutionary teaching and learning resource.

Latest News

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How GoLearn Reduces Teacher Workload

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The Link Between Children’s Literacy, Attainment & Wellbeing

The Link Between Children’s Literacy, Attainment & Wellbeing

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Setting up Your School on GoLearn

Setting up Your School on GoLearn

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