About us

At GoLearn.Guru™ we believe English and literacy are fundamental to learning and have created a teaching and learning platform to develop these skills to allow each learner to raise their potential and bring out the talent that is inherent in all of us.

Designed and developed by experienced teachers, examiners, national strategists, education consultants, mathematicians and AI experts – and underpinned by the latest developments in pedagogical sciences, GoLearn.Guru™ is leading the revolution in teaching and learning English Language and Literacy.

Low Cost, High Impact

Literacy is the foundation of all learning, and there is an abundance of research and evidence available to demonstrate the knock-on effect of poor literacy on people’s health, emotional well-being and likelihood of falling into criminality – and the reverse can be said for good literacy; better health and well-being, higher aspirations, growth and success.

Affordable and Accessible

At GoLearn.Guru™ we’re committed to ensuring every child in the world has access to high quality, affordable learning. Our English language and literacy teaching and learning resource has been developed for use in classrooms anywhere in the world and is mappable to any national or international curriculum. The resource is cloud based – so no downloads – and can be run simply and easily on a pc/tablet. 

A common concern for schools and local governments in the developing world are the challenges they face with IT infrastructure, access to computers and the ready availability of high-speed internet – either broadband or 4G. We are also in ongoing consultation with internet providers, telecommunications experts, hardware manufacturers and wholesalers – as well as private donors, charities and corporate investors to see how we can address these challenges to ensure GoLearn.Guru™ can deliver safe, pedagogically sound, high quality English literacy at scale across the world.

If you would like to use GoLearn.Guru™ for your students but need support in making it accessible, please email learnmore@golearn.guru and we will be happy to help you.


Our dedicated technical support teams are always available to answer any queries you may have. To report an issue please email support@golearn.guru