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Ensuring every child is equipped with the literacy skills necessary to progress in the 21st century.

The power of literacy

Literacy has the power to change every child’s life for the better. With good literacy skills, every child worldwide can improve their life opportunities by fully participating in their communities and societies.

Yet poor literacy is jeopardising the potential of over 100 million children across the globe and their lack of vital literacy skills will hold them back at every stage of life.

GoLearn Our Vision
GoLearn Effective Change

Ensuring every child has access to a quality education

GoLearn’s solution has been developed from years’ of research to understand how to effectively support teachers to get the most out of their students.

Our dedicated team of experienced teachers, literacy, language and curriculum experts are committed to improving the quality of education by providing a real-time and evidence-based view of each students’ learning for the lowest cost.

We’re here to establish effective change

We believe that every child around the world has the right to a quality education regardless of their background.

We’re committed to creating a level playing field by improving the way education is delivered.

We’ve got the solution, the conviction, the passion and we won’t stop until every child has the literacy skills necessary to improve their life.

GoLearn Impact
GoLearn Continuous Assessment

Why Continuous Assessment is Redefining Global Education

Download our white paper on why Continuous Assessment is central to delivering a quality education at scale. We explore how Continuous Assessment combined with technology can accelerate learning for every student around the globe.

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