Continuous Assessment

Our solution enables teachers to assess, reflect and intervene at every point of learning.

  • English literacy, language and literature
  • Age-appropriate lesson content
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Stress-free assessment
GoLearn Continuous Assessment

How our platform works

Students work through engaging lessons and a wide variety of tasks to demonstrate their Reading, Writing, Listening and Grammar skills. Teachers are provided with real-time insights on individual and whole-class learning and progress to effectively target gaps in learning.

  • Resources expertly mapped to your curriculum
  • Content differentiated based on ability
  • Specially created teacher taught lessons
  • Unique collaborative learning opportunities
  • Automated marking and instant feedback
Easy to use teaching and learning solution
Real-time learning analytics

Real-time learning analytics

Granular and in-depth learning data is gathered every time a student interacts with the platform so teachers can easily pinpoint each student’s learning needs.

  • SOLO Taxonomy measuring deep learning
  • Easily track and monitor progress
  • Quickly identify learning gaps
  • Effectively target interventions
  • Easily export progress reports 

Ready-made Schemes of Work

Choose a SMART Scheme of Work from our extensive digital library to develop the areas where your students need support.

  • Ideal for classroom and remote learning
  • Thousands of fun, engaging lessons
  • Caters for different learning styles
  • Clear curriculum-aligned learning objectives
  • Accessibility tools to support each student
High Quality Lesson Content

Key Features

Continuous Assessment

Our Continuous Assessment technology enables teachers to assess, reflect and intervene at every point of learning and is integral to developing a skills/competency-based teaching and learning approach.

Our full set of assessments are seamlessly embedded into lessons to remove the anxiety surrounding high stakes exams.

  • Initial Assessment
  • Formative Assessment
  • Summative Assessment
  • Ongoing Assessment
Curriculum Mapped Schemes of Work

Fully mapped Schemes of Work are aligned with national and international curriculum objectives.

We currently offer assessments and interventions for:

  • UK Key Stage (KS2 – KS4)

  • IGCSE (KS2 – KS4)

  • Wales Key Stage (KS2 – KS4) 

  • Northern Ireland Key Stage (KS2 – KS4) 

  • CBSE (Grade IV – XI)

  • ICSE (Grade IV – XI)

High Quality Lesson Content

All content is designed and developed in the UK by leading literacy and language experts to encourage attendance, engagement and achievement.

Artificial Intelligence differentiates lesson content for all abilities, allowing for greater inclusivity, pupil well-being and scaffolding to increase outcomes.

Engaging lesson content to encourage different learning styles: video, audio, drag & drop, fill in the blanks, multiple-choice and more.

  • Differentiated tasks for all 4 skills
  • Collaborative learning tasks
  • Includes lesson plans and clear learning objectives
  • Instant marking and feedback
  • Suitable for in-class or remote learning
Underpinned by Evidence Based Pedagogy

Our system has been created using crucial and structured pedagogies to offer a pioneering teaching and learning tool and actively encourage deep learning to take place for every student. These include:


      • Higher-order thinking skills: Our SOW (Schemes of Work) are specifically built to go beyond basic observation of facts and memorisation to ensure every student can distinguish fact from fiction; synthesise, evaluate and infer from information; and communicate, solve problems and discover truths.
      • Constructivism: We utilise constructivism so learners can construct new understandings and knowledge, integrating with what they already know.
      • Metacognition and self-regulation: Metacognition and self-regulation approaches aim to help pupils think about their own learning more explicitly, often by teaching them specific strategies for planning, monitoring and evaluating their learning.
      • Feedback: Feedback studies have shown show very high effects on student learning and are embedded in our platform.
      • Collaborative learning: Has shown to have a positive impact based on extensive evidence.
      • Mastery learning: Our platform achieves this by breaking subject matter and learning content into units with clearly specified objectives that are pursued until they are achieved.
      • Social & Emotional Learning: Recent evidence has highlighted the need to adopt a whole-school approach to social and emotional learning. Our platform has taken this research into account, and all content is built to support social and emotional learning.
      • SOLO Taxonomy: We’ve encapsulated a structured model to observe learning outcomes in our platform, which uses AI to adjust levels of complexity based on your students’ understanding.
      • Unique AI machine learning: This feature comprehensively maps pedagogical, curriculum, learning and assessments outcomes within our platform to ensure the highest accuracy of learning data.
Collaborative Learning & Peer Marking

To foster collaborative learning, our platform utilises peer learning to help students engage deeply with assessment criteria to improve staff-student relations and the students grasp of knowledge, understanding and critical thinking skills.

Onboarding, Training & Support

At GoLearn, we understand the challenges of integrating a technical solution into your current structures, especially amidst the added pressures of converting from the classroom to remote and blended learning practices.

That’s why we provide each user of our platform with comprehensive support from the offset including:

  • Advice and guidance
  • Detailed staff and student help materials
  • In-depth training sessions
  • Data and feature walk-throughs
  • Constant developments and enhancements of the GoLearn platform.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does GoLearn replace Teachers?

No! GoLearn is an all-in-one teaching resource designed and developed for teachers to use in their classrooms, for homework and remote learning activities.


Does GoLearn mean more work?

No! Our platform’s automatic marking and feedback capabilities actually reduce a teachers admin workload so they can spend more of their valuable time doing what they do best, teaching.


What support and CPD does GoLearn provide?

GoLearn is committed to supporting schools in evaluating, reporting and leveraging data findings to develop targeted interventions and further accelerate pupil progress.

That’s why we provide each user of our platform with comprehensive support — including advice and guidance, detailed staff and student help materials and in-depth CPD training — from the very beginning of your journey with us.


Can my school afford GoLearn?

Yes! In the years spent researching, developing, and understanding the requirements of an interactive education assessment solution that meet evidenced pedagogical needs, GoLearn endorses the EEF / OECD / UNESCO view that an ideal solution must be LOW COST and HIGH IMPACT.

Pricing is subscription based and includes access to all related resources, onboarding and ongoing support. Subscription costs vary according to the number of students using the solution, with multi-year and volume-tiered discounts available.

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GoLearn Continuous Assessment

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