GoLearn is proud and excited to announce that we are working with AAA English from English Language school in Russia. 

Our paths crossed at the latest DIT (Department for International Trade) online conference, in which our CEO Joe Jarrett was giving an introductory presentation to GoLearn’s Intervention and Assessment platform.

Michael Lang, AAA English from English’s School Director, was in attendance and subsequently reached out to see if we could work together.


In this article, we’ll tell you all about the fantastic work AAA English are doing for English learners in Russia, their challenges in converting to remote learning and how we’re working together to ensure a smooth transition and continued student progress.

AAA English

About AAA English from English School

AAA English school is an exclusive, small British-owned English Language Centre in the heart of Moscow. It is aiming to bring a different perspective to the environment that is ESL (English as a Second Language) for Russian students. It’s been in operation for ten years and has around 300 students learning English at different levels.

AAA English focuses on three key aspects of teaching the English language:


Small class sizes (maximum of 6 students per lesson)


Highly-qualified native English teachers


Use of the latest technology – smart boards, internet and satellite TV from the UK

All of their classrooms are equipped with computers, which allow their students to have the most modern approach to learning English.

A small school, creating a significant impact. Please find out more about the school by visiting their website at www.aaaenglish.ru and then follow the links to their social media and YouTube channel.

They’ve seen a massive improvement over their ten years in operation, increasing demand for places and improved students’ outcomes.

Their Challenges

Like many schools across the globe, AAA English faces challenges and massive disruptions to education, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which is causing gaps in learning and threatening their students’ progress.

In March, AAA English was told by the powers that be to shut down face-to-face learning and convert to online lessons.

Due to their ethos and concerted efforts, Michael and the team managed to convert to online schooling quickly. All teachers were permitted to take home their classroom computers, making online learning an accessible option.

Michael and the team are admirably continually looking at ways to invest in their staff and students, develop their school, and adapt to the ever-changing educational landscape by incorporating new teacher processes — proven by their rapid conversion to remote learning.

In September, to ensure they could stay operational and to continue offering online learning, AAA English gave up their accommodation in Moscow.

Michael and team immediately found barriers with working entirely online. The added workload of working in google calendar, producing teacher reports and tracking student progress were all manual processes and made it hard to keep track.

They are now looking for a blended learning solution to continue providing a quality English education to their students, ensuring they can meet real-life challenges head-on and improve their chances of success in the 21st century.

AAA English Online Learning

How GoLearn Can Help

We demonstrated our platform to Michael, who said he’d “been looking for GoLearn for years”.

Michael was drawn to our crucial ethos of creating a level playing field through detailed tracking of student progress and the necessity of its inclusion in moving online learning forward.

Our platform’s agnostic curriculum mapping and quality lesson and assessment content produced by experienced teachers and literacy experts meets Michael’s standards and works synonymously with the Cambridge and Pearson curriculum he teaches his students.

We’ve agreed a trial period with Michael until the spring. Post teacher training and onboarding, AAA English will utilise GoLearn on a small class and conduct our initial assessment before advancing to larger groups.

We’re beyond excited to be working with AAA English from English. A school whose efforts are wholly aligned to its students’ care and education no matter the circumstances. The way Michael and his team have navigated the shift to online learning is outstanding.

We look forward to helping AAA English improve their online learning process and supply Michael and his staff with the real-time learning data they need to track and improve their student learning outcomes.

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