How it Works

GoLearn helps teachers target learning gaps to ensure every student reaches their full potential 

Step 1.

Assess your class to get a baseline of your pupils learning levels

Once your school is set up on GoLearn; your students will be presented with our embedded initial assessment, seamlessly measuring their Listening, Reading and Writing skills. The assessment is in the form of a lesson and takes 40 minutes on average.

Step 2.

Utilise the student data to identify gaps in learning

On completing the assessment, the platform will provide you with clear and accurate data to understand each pupil’s skills and gaps in learning.

Tracking and monitoring of student progress is made easy through drill downs on each skill and sub-skill. You can sort and analyse the data to identify gaps in learning to quickly target your interventions.

Step 3.

Positive interventions for your classroom 

GoLearn provides a personalised learning plan for each pupil based on their individual needs. Specially developed Schemes of Work can be used as part of your classroom and/or remote learning provision. 

All GoLearn interventions are mapped to national and international curriculums which have been developed by experienced teachers, examiners and literacy experts.

Key Features & Benefits

Dynamic Lesson Content & Assessments

Engaging lesson content to encourage different learning styles: video, audio, drag & drop, fill in the blanks, multiple-choice and more.

Artificial Intelligence differentiates lesson content for all abilities, allowing for greater inclusivity, pupil well-being and scaffolding to increase outcomes.

Accurate assessments embedded in every lesson are specifically designed for measuring learning without the stress.

All content is designed and developed in the UK by leading literacy and language experts to encourage attendance, engagement and achievement.

Complete Schemes of Work

Fully mapped Schemes of Work are aligned with national and international curriculum.

We currently offer assessments and interventions for:

  • UK Key Stage (KS2 – KS4)

  • IGCSE (KS2 – KS4)

  • Wales Key Stage (KS2 – KS4) 

  • Northern Ireland Key Stage (KS2 – KS4) 

  • CBSE (Grade IV – XI)

  • ICSE (Grade IV – XI)

  • Pakistan (Grade 6 – Grade 8)

Offline Lessons & Remote Learning

All Schemes of Work are available online and offline for continuity and remote learning.

Detailed Data Insights & Feedback

GoLearn’s platform collects a wide variety of data from each interaction with the student – tracking strengths, weaknesses and gaps in learning.

Instant feedback not only encourages deep learning but reduces teacher workload allowing time to be better spent in the classroom, engaging with students as a class or on a one-to-one basis.

Underpinned by Evidence Based Pedagogy

Our system has been created using crucial pedagogies to not only offer a pioneering teaching and learning tool but to actively encourage deep learning to take place for every student.

These include:

  • Higher-order thinking skills
  • Constructivism
  • Advanced neuroscience
  • Self-regulation and feedback
  • Unique AI machine learning

Peer Marking

To foster collaborative learning our platform utilises peer learning to help students engage deeply with assessment criteria to improve staff-student relations and the students grasp of knowledge, understanding and critical thinking skills.

Personalised Learning Plans

Our platform uses the initial assessment data to create Personalised Learning Plans for each student. 

Each subsequent lesson houses formative assessments which inform the next to truly personalise learning for the individual.

Onboarding, Training & Support

GoLearn’s onboarding process is in line with EEF guidelines on setup and pedagogical rationale; to ensure a smooth transition and to achieve learning from the get-go.

Our team are always on hand to offer platform training and support.

Technology & Devices

Web Portal

You can access our web portal by using the current version of any leading web browser on PC or Mac.

Tablet App

You can access our tablet app on any Android device (iOS Coming Soon).

Mobile App

Mobile App coming soon.

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