Our mission to improve the literacy levels of students through our EdTech platform isn’t restricted to the shores of the UK. 

At GoLearn, we believe that good literacy skills – the ability to read, write, understand and communicate ideas with your society – is not and should never be considered a luxury; but rather a fundamental necessity and a human right. As part of a global community, all children have the right to maximise their life chances.

That’s why we’re very proud to announce that St Paul’s School in Gorakhpur, India, will be the first school globally to ‘go-live’ with our solution.

Founded in the historic town of Gorakhpur by Rev. G. Chandra and his wife Mrs Nirmala Chandra in 1978, St. Paul’s is one of the foremost educational institutions in India.

St Paul’s school in Gorakhpur, India. 

GoLearn has partnered with CEL PVT Ltd. and Clara EdTech to aid in the distribution of our product – two inspiring organisations, who share our vision of empowering young learners.

With their help, we have set up St Paul’s as our first laboratory school and have subsequently commenced trials and assessments of our revolutionary teaching and learning resource.

“At CEL Pvt Ltd, it’s a matter of great privilege for us to be a part of the journey of GoLearn across the Asian continent and especially India in bringing the best ever classroom resource for English literacy and its assessment. Its advanced artificial intelligence platform also gives instant results with granular accuracy which further gives it a cutting edge as an assessment platform.

CEL is extremely excited with the deliveries of this platform and truly believes that it would be a breathtaking target intervention in the learning of English across the world.”

Amreesh Chandra, Vice-Chairman, CEL Pvt Ltd

India’s push for English Literacy

There is a global shortage of qualified English teachers with a growing demand for Language and Literacy. This shortage has resulted in UNSECO declaring a “Global Learning Crisis”.

This crisis poses a big challenge for India. According to Unicef, India has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world and the second-largest out of school population (20.8 million children). English is the main medium of communication and curriculum delivery, highlighting a need for excellent language and literacy resources.

India’s government believes that an English-medium education for pupils can close skill gaps and offer more employment opportunities. There has been a big push by the India government to include English as a mandatory subject for students to help improve their socio-economic prospects.

Studies by the NCERT have highlighted that not all teachers feel comfortable teaching English nor have the resource to do so. Thus, some doubts were raised about the quality of skills-based teaching, learning and its follow-through. 

“Given the necessity in India for skills-based learning and now home learning provisions, it’s truly exciting to be working with GoLearn to bring their advanced English language and literacy platform to schools across our country.” – Raja Gupta, CEO Clara EdTech 

How GoLearn can help

Schools in India can now better afford the technology needed to help with educational goals. Tablets cost from Rs. 2000 upwards and India have the cheapest mobile data plans in the world. Meaning, Edtech is now a feasible option for many schools. 

This is where GoLearn can help. Our English language and literacy platform uses Artificial Intelligence to address these problems by delivering exemplary lessons, based on quantitative data. This will assure and give confidence to teaching staff while motivating and improving student attainment. 

Teachers can tailor lessons as per the progress of their students, knowing the quality is of the highest standard and mapped to the ICSE/CBSE exam boards and curricula. Customised lesson plans provide clear information to allow targeted interventions and guided pointers to encourage learning follow-through beyond our technology.

GoLearn Founder Alex Mirza meeting with Rev. G. Chandra and his wife Mrs Nirmala Chandra

Our learning resource gives teachers access to relevant and individual student data so they can act effectively in the classroom. Eliminating the responsibility of collecting data from the teachers makes it easier to intervene and target gaps in learning quickly and successfully.

This data – as well as showing on-going improvements – is proven to reduce the teacher’s workload, increase the effectiveness of teaching assistants, positively impact pupil behaviour and empower both teacher and learner.

GoLearn’s classroom resource can be used as a tool to help India’s schools reach their literacy goals and improve their pupil’s attainment, confidence and chance of employment post-education. 

What’s next?

Encouraged by the response, we are currently in discussions with a number of schools and establishments in India and hope to secure more partnerships in the coming months.

We believe in our product and the impact it can have for students and their life beyond education. We are humbled that this vision is shared by the institutions we’ve approached.

If you’d like to learn more about our efforts in India or how our classroom resource can help improve the attainment and success of your students, please don’t hesitate to send us an email – learnmore@golearn.guru.

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