Our cloud based, English Literacy assessment resource is made for teachers to better understand their student’s strengths, weaknesses and place in curriculum.

Accessible on any device, students are taken through several unique tasks individually assessing them on Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (LSWR). 

No two students sitting next to each other get the same question.

  • Ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence assessment resource.
  • Measures Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills.
  • Incorporates SOLO taxonomy and VARK preferences and much more.
  • Reduce workload with instant feedback, accurate marking and access to detailed analytics.


GoLearn.Guru™ gives teachers instant results with detailed analytics measuring skills in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (LSRW)

Once students have completed the initial assessment, our advanced AI engine works to instantly give teachers a deep insight into each student’s abilities, providing a whole range of quantitative data to encourage positive interventions.

GoLearn.Guru™ groups and displays granular data to clearly show each student’s learning progress, allowing teachers to target each intervention for maximum outcomes.

  • Granular data / Spiky profiles highlighted.
  • Details Strengths, Weaknesses, Place in Curriculum and more.
  • Measure progress in real time.
  • Designed to integrate seamlessly with existing IMS (e.g. SIMS).

Students also have access to their results instantly, enabling them to see where they went wrong – and more importantly, why they went wrong – and learn from the task rather than just gather data to file.


Our state-of-the-art platform offers rich, engaging interventions with content designed and developed in the UK by leading literacy and language experts to encourage attendance, engagement and achievement.

  • Schemes of Work (SOW)
  • Lesson Plans
  • Lesson Resources
  • Homework assignments

Curriculum Mapping

All our resources are mapped to national and international curricula. We currently offer assessments and interventions for;

  • UK Key Stage Curriculum (KS2-KS4)
  • EAL, EFL, ESL, ESOL, TOEFL, (CEFR/Cambridge)
  • CBSE (Grade VIII – XII)

Guru Speech

We’ve developed our own advanced speech engine to work seamlessly within the GoLearn.Guru™  teaching and learning resource.

Guru Speech lets teachers assess and improve student reading skills – and importantly – track and monitor progress in real time with accurate data easily accessible on the teacher dashboard.

  • State of the art speech engine

  • Built into assessments and lessons

  • Improves over time and adapts with the students’ progress

Student Management

Easily create groups and sub groups within one class based on ability, strengths, weaknesses, place in curriculum and much more.

Implement customised learning plans for each student based on their individual learning needs.

Artificial Intelligence works to give instant results for initial and ongoing embedded assessments.

Reduce Workload

GoLearn.Guru™ gives teachers instant access to assessment scores and progress reports, as well as quality assured schemes of work, lesson plans and resources created in the UK, to help teachers easily target gaps in skills and encourage deep learning.


With class sizes becoming larger as a common place in schools all around the world, teachers are under ever greater stress and a difficult time marking class work and homework. GoLearn.Guru™ helps alleviate the pressures placed on teachers to stay up-to-date with marking by embedding assessment and analytics into each lesson. Lessons are marked instantly, and granular data is presented clearly in the teacher’s dashboard for a bird’s eye view or deeper dive into each student’s progress to alleviate stresses of extra marking and homework setting as our AI system does that for the teacher reducing their work load.

Data Management

The state-of-the-art machine learning/ artificial intelligence technology incorporated by GoLearn.Guru™ has been designed to take the tediousness of paperwork in teaching away from the teachers so they are able to focus on their primary passion, teaching.

Data collection, analysis and reporting, which can take hours to collect and compile is accurately and instantly achieved with GoLearn.Guru™ Assessments & Analytics.

Taking this headache away from teachers allows time to be better spent in the classroom, engaging with students as a class or on a one-to-one basis, and more free time outside of the classroom to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

GoLearn.Guru™ collects a wide variety of data from each interaction with the student – tracking strengths, weaknesses and gaps in learning in Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening as well as SOLO outcomes. Teachers can dig deep into each student’s profile to better understand their individual and personal skills and abilities to help inform positive interventions on an individual basis.

Customised Learning Plan

Teachers are under increasing pressure to customise each student’s learning to ensure every student’s educational needs are met and are personalised. This is becoming increasingly difficult with larger class sizes, school budget cuts, and the decline of experienced teachers staying in the field. It is also extremely time consuming, adding to teachers’ workload.

GoLearn.Guru™ has been developed with the latest Artificial Intelligence technologies a system which create an informed Customised Learning Plan for each student. The granular data gathered in the initial assessment informs the AI which in turn assigns the correct lessons based on skills, ability, age and gaps in learning. Each subsequent lesson is complete with embedded formative assessments which in turn informs future input on an ongoing basis hence truly personalising learning for the individual.

Peer Assessment / Collaborative Learning

Ongoing research in peer assessment and collaborative learning shows the huge impact it can have to promote deep learning and subsequent student performance.

With GoLearn.Guru™, teachers can choose students to ‘buddy-up’ to mark their peers’ work just as they would in a classroom however this is set as homework to generate continued and deep learning. This assessment can be given to students along with complete assessment guidelines, for each task therefore encouraging better knowledge grasp, understanding and analysis and foster critical thinking skills.

Not only can students learn from each other’s strengths and mistakes, get a better understanding of assessment criteria to best inform their own work, whilst collaborating with other students helps encourage better student understanding and relationships in and out the classroom.


With live reports available within minutes, teachers know where their learners are – promptly, quickly, and regularly. Teachers and senior school leaders are able to identify students’ many skills, their place in curriculum, VARK learning preferences, weaknesses and strengths and much more.

Whilst aggregate reporting allowing teachers to be alerted to their classes’ progress immediately, drill downs provide specific individual student information, giving teachers the ability to make positive and timely interventions and use key algorithms to improve student engagement and outcomes.

All reports can be exported into Excel or as CSV file formats and uploaded into your school management student information system.


  • Detailed reporting
  • Compatible with school management systems
  • Easy to keep parents informed
  • Continuity in student tracking and monitoring

List reports

Teachers are able to view detailed assessment results drilled down for each of their group; they can also set more than one assessment at a time and use the data to Track & Monitor learning and progress. Teachers can select a student’s name to view the individual’s data as a graph that shows student progress over time for several assessments.

You can filter the report in your school by teachers’ classes, students’ gender, grades, test types, etc., to see progress level bars for students at each level. Select any level descriptor, the test name (e.g., Diagnostic, Beginning Year), the number of students at this level, and the percentage of students at this level and it is there at the click of a button; all in real time.

Parent reports

GoLearn.Guru™ also provides a dashboard for parents so that they can see progress for their children and parent/child engagement support making them active partners in the learning journey of their child.

Longitudinal reporting

GoLearn.Guru™ includes the facility to produce multi-year progress reports to allow schools to ensure that students are making steady progress from one academic year to the next. No data is ever ‘lost’ and it can ‘travel’ with the students to the next school if GoLearn.Guru™ is used. This ensures a continual progress for students and no gaps in their journey.

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