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We’re redefining global education through a unique combination of AI-based and Continuous Assessment technology underpinned by evidenced pedagogy.

  • All-in-one English language and literacy solution
  • Personalised and bespoke Schemes of Work
  • Mapped to your curriculum (Ages 7-17)
  • Low cost, high impact
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“Our platform provides comprehensive learning data on your student’s key literacy and learning skills so you can deliver a personalised learning journey to maximise their progress.” – Xena Ramji, Curriculum Director

Supporting schools to deliver the NEP 2020

GoLearn is committed to developing a level playing field in education through the empowerment of teachers, skills-based learning and a focus on English literacy and language.

  • Comprehensively aligned to NEP 2020
  • Platform data and content fully mapped to CBSE and ICSE objectives for excellence in learning
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What teachers say about us…

“The nitty-gritty has been taken care of at such a high, professional level so I just need to monitor my students.”

Michael Lang

School Director, AAA English School, Russia

“I’m able to pinpoint the shortcomings of individual students and target particular areas of teaching.”

Emran Jamshed Taher

Teacher, DPS STS School, Bangladesh

“Golearn’s diagnostic data reduced teacher workload and increased ownership of student learning which had a dramatic and positive impact on their behaviour.”

Mr Paul Doyle

Deputy Head, Ellen Wilkinson School, UK

Accelerate learning and maximise outcomes

  • Improve English learning outcomes
  • Personalise each students’ learning
  • Real-time granular learning analytics
  • Full set of learning assessments
  • Engaging and differentiated lessons
  • Classroom and remote learning ready

Reduce your workload and improve wellbeing

  • Easy classroom integration
  • Expertly planned lesson resources
  • Track and monitor literacy and learning skills
  • Pinpoint student interventions
  • Automated marking and feedback
  • Report progress to senior leadership and parents

Literacy is our passion

“At GoLearn, we believe that good literacy skills — the ability to read, write, understand and communicate ideas with your society — is not and should never be considered a luxury; but rather a fundamental necessity and a human right. All children should have the right to maximise their life chances.” – Alex Mirza, Founder & Chairman

Our growth

Since our launch in September 2020, GoLearn has expanded and now actively working with partners in 12+ markets.





Abu Dhabi

Saudi Arabia


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Aligned with the global vision for education

GoLearn is aligned to the key teaching and learning goals and outcomes of the worlds leading bodies, organisations, exam boards and the latest research and policy for education.


The World Bank
Department of Education

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