The impact of COVID-19 has shaken the education system in more ways than one. When it’s safe for school to resume, educators are going to face uncommon challenges as a result. 

It’s essential to face the challenges implicated by the COVID-19 pandemic head-on, so no student is left behind.

At GoLearn, we believe English language and literacy are fundamental to learning. Our mission is to help develop skills to empower each learner to raise their potential and attainment.

That is why we’re offering a free no-commitment trial of our online assessment tool which teachers can use to get a clear picture of the literacy levels of students in their care.

All you need to do is fill out the contact form at the end of this article or click the button below, and a member of our team will be in contact to discuss the next steps.

Gaps in learning are inevitable

The missed academic learning resulting from lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic is top of many educators’ list of worries. Unfortunately, gaps in English learning and literacy will be inevitable when it’s safe for schools to resume full-time.

By September, many pupils will have been away from school for more than five months. While some pupils will have thrived in their remote learning, for others, there will be significant gaps.

Technology has helped many educators stay in touch with students to continue the learning process while we all patiently wait for an end to lockdown. Technology can also help educators assess gaps in learning and get a head start on reintroducing students into a learning culture.

How our literacy assessment fills the gaps 

Students of all ages are taken through several unique tasks individually assessing them on Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills. The assessment takes students 40 minutes to complete, on average.

Once students have completed the initial assessment, our platform’s advanced Artificial Intelligence works to instantly give teachers a deep insight into each student’s abilities, providing a whole range of quantitative data to encourage positive interventions.

The seamless and student-friendly literacy assessment is compiled using a unique approach to skills-based learning, meaning students will not become stressed through continuous testing.

Assessments are differentiated by age, ability, curricula, and are mapped to the National and International curriculums, providing a level playing field for all.

The granular data our system compiles, as a result, is proven to:  

  • Reduce the teacher’s workload 
  • Provide clear information to allow targeted interventions
  • Guided pointers for learning follow-through beyond the platform

Emma’s Story

We’ve taken some sample data of a Year 5 student called Emma to show you how it all works.

From the completion of the initial assessment, the teacher will be able to easily see the results either individually or compared to the rest of the class. All of the tracking and monitoring is done automatically through the platform, which will save precious time on data input and free up time for positive interventions and learning. 

Data is collected on Emma at a granular level, covering the extent of her understanding in the key areas of the assessment – Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. 

The data from Emma’s assessment shows that she is good at retrieving information from the text, but has difficulties distinguishing between statements of fact and opinion which impacts her overall ability to respond to questions accurately. 

Using this data, the GoLearn platform will automatically populate a Customised Learning Plan for Emma to address her specific and unique needs, helping improve her literacy skills, confidence and attainment. 

How to access GoLearn’s free assessment

Click the button below and fill out our short form.

A member of our team will be in contact with you to arrange a free demonstration and answer any questions before granting you access to the GoLearn platform. Once you have access, you and your students can easily create your accounts and begin the literacy assessment at any time.

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