At GoLearn, our product and customer experience teams constantly work to ensure our platform delivers the highest standard of data insights. We want to reduce lesson planning workload and provide meaningful, actionable data on class and student performance so our teachers can spend more time on the aspect of their job that is most important — teaching.

A big part of our process is compiling feedback from schools using our solution day in, day out. Feedback from our global community is invaluable in understanding what challenges our teachers face on the frontline. Moreover, it helps us enhance our technical solution to better support our teachers in managing their workload and optimising their teaching.

We’re delighted to announce some key additions in our latest platform update, which focus on better and more accessible data visualisations to help our teachers understand their students’ strengths and areas for improvement faster and more efficiently.

These include:

Historical Data

We’ve included a new dashboard view that lets you easily navigate historical data on your class or individual student so you can see how they’ve performed over a longer period of time in a more efficient way.


For each curriculum studied we’ve included a easy to navigate table providing a data view on schemes of work and assessments for your class and individual students so you can see how they’ve progressed during the course of their study.

We know how important data is to our teachers. When teachers use in-depth data to drive their decisions and plans, they can respond to problems more effectively, construct new teaching methods, and advance skill sets faster. We look forward to collecting feedback from our global community on our most recent updates.

In the meantime, we’ll be announcing further teacher and student updates in the coming weeks, including providing snapshot summaries (a sneak peek below) so teachers are guided at a glance on their classes performance. Plus, we’ll be deploying a new range of curriculum mapped Schemes of Work very soon, so keep an eye out on our blog and socials.

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