At GoLearn, we’re working to empower and improve teaching and learning through the use of technology. A predominant part of this process is the implementation of our e-learning platform with schools and their existing systems.

GoLearn is all about ‘low cost and high impact’ and If introducing an e-learning platform is tedious and takes a long time to adapt to, it will impact teaching and learning outcomes and raise costs at every level. We believe that high impact can only be fostered if usability is intuitive and straightforward.

Because of this, our team has crafted GoLearn’s onboarding process in line with EEF guidelines on setup and pedagogical rationale; to ensure a smooth transition and to achieve learning from the get-go.

In this article, we’ll take you through our simple process of getting your school setup on GoLearn and why it’s an essential part of our larger goal.

Set up & Support

We’ve built a simple and intuitive step-system to save time on implementation. From requesting a demonstration to seeing your students learning gaps in real-time; a member of our team will always be on hand to offer support and ensure process followthrough. 

The following three steps encapsulate our process of getting you and your pupils up and running.

Harmonising Teachers & Technology

Our implementation process is designed to quickly and effectively integrate with existing processes so you can focus on teaching and learning. It’s a small and essential part of our larger goal. 

Our technology is built to harmonise the human element of teaching and not compete against it. It’s crucial to remember that technology – no matter how advanced – can never replace staff in education, as their knowledge and intuition are invaluable. 

When an educator’s life experience is teamed with intelligent tech and comprehensive data, it creates a more integrated and meaningful approach to child development – no matter the learning stage.

This relationship is consistent with GoLearn’s initial implementation and continues through all elements of our literacy resource.

Ensuring Accessible Remote Learning

Internet access is directly linked to improved academic outcomes; it has also been proven to increase pre-existing inequalities by primarily benefiting those with more resources. This creates an unfair playing field for those students who don’t have access to the internet from home. 

That’s why we’ve made GoLearn available for online AND offline use – with our new Android-based app launching in July 2020 (iOS coming in September 2020).

GoLearn Continuous Assessment

Why Continuous Assessment is Redefining Global Education

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